Code of Ethics

Construction SIIC Inc. stands out from its competitors by the quality of work and services offered to its customers, while respecting the rules of the following code:
SIIC Inc. commit to :

  • Dealing honestly with customers
  • Provide courteous and polite service
  • Ensure customer satisfaction during and after the work
  • Keep the site clean and reasonably prevent the accumulation of unusable materials
  • Maintain adequate liability insurance for the work to be performed
  • Deliver work on the agreed date or within the time frame specified in the contract
  • Explain to the customer product warranties offered and provide them appropriate technical documentation
  • Perform the work under the contract in accordance with federal, provincial, municipal, and any other regulations
  • Use contracts that comply with applicable laws and include a complete description of work to be performed and a detailed assessment
  • Ensure at all times during construction, health and safety, in accordance with applicable laws

Who we are